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Project: Streeterville Condo
Type: Residential Interior Renovation
Program: High-Rise Condo Unit
Location: Streeterville, Chicago
Architect/Designer: Vladimir Radutny Architects

This condo renovation in a high-rise building designed by Meis van der Rohe resulted in a airy and refined space that garnered a great deal of press and won several awards. However, acheiving the vision of architect Vladimir Radutny was no easy task due to the extremely tight accessibility to the unit and the condition of the existing space. To overcome these challenges, our approach had to be resourceful and creative. To that end, we developed solutions such as: transporting the large glass panels, used as a dividing wall, on top of the freight elevator to allow for larger panel sizes; covering the existing damaged concrete floors with durable epoxy to obtain the required finish; and rebuilding existing walls to achieve the exacting tolerances required by the design.