Project: Lakeview Condo
Type: Home Renovation
Program: Condo Unit
Location: Lakeview, Chicago
Architect/Designer: Harder Brothers

The new owners of this large two story condo unit in an upscale neighborhood of Chicago were excited to get rid of the dated finishes and damage left behind by the previous owners. The budget and schedule were kept to a minimum by bringing Harder Brothers into the project early in the process, while strategic decisions could be made to achieve the most dramatic results for the best price. The most extensive updates were made to the kitchen and master bathroom, and a laundry room was added to the top floor for a shorter trip from the bedrooms. Smaller updates were made to the rest of the home, delivering high aesthetic impact at a reasonable cost. The finished project resulted in a condo with a completely updated appearance, matching both the character of the neighborhood and the clients tastes.